About #ponyhour on Twitter

#ponyhour is a world wide chat hour held on Twitter every Tuesday evening starting at 9pm UK time (that's 4pm EST).

We're not just about ponies, join in #ponyhour to chat about all things equine and equestrian with like minded people.

Use #ponyhour as a marketing opportunity to promote your business, charity, fundraiser or up and coming event to a potential audience of thousands.

Take advantage of the combined knowledge of #ponyhour participants for help and advice, if you have an equestrian dilemma there's bound to be someone taking part who can point you in the right direction. 

Join in #ponyhour to build relationships with other Twitter users, gain likes / retweets and get more followers. 

#ponyhour is fun!

To join in the Tuesday chat just add the tag #ponyhour to your tweet (you can use other tags as well) and remember #ponyhour is not just for Tuesdays we retweet throughout the week so use the tag #ponyhour in any tweet, anytime, that you'd like to be seen by equine and…

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