Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Murphy

Some of you might recognize our rescue pony of the week, he's one of the faces of #ponyhour over on Twitter @aponyhour

Here Eggsy Pony is going to tell you a bit about him:

This is Murphy saying, "Hello" to me when I was a little-un, he's a special friend who has taught me lots of pony tricks.

Poor Murphy, like me he had a bad start to life. Do you see that ear notch? That's what some Welsh farmers used to do to ponies to denote ownership. That must have hurt a lot, it's supposed to be illegal now.

Murphy was born in Wales but somehow ended up at an auction in Leicestershire, he was lucky that a kind lady felt sorry for him. She outbid the meat man but couldn't keep him so my family took him in. Here are some of his baby pics:

From all accounts young Murphy was a bit of a wild child! But he's grown up into a lovely pony, it was his 9th birthday on 31st May.

Sadly Murphy now requires emergency treatment, at the veterinary surgery some 50 miles away, for a re…

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