10 tips for minimizing mud in your horse's turnout

Mud and horses often go hand in hand but mud is something that most of us hate, among other things it is unhealthy for our horses harboring bacteria and fungi, creating slippery footing plus it makes horse keeping chores difficult and unpleasant.

Here are a few tips to help minimize mud:

1. A high organic content in soil will create mud so make sure to poo pick at least every two to three days. If you leave that manure in the field it will turn to mud.

2. For the same reason pick up and dispose of any uneaten hay, don't leave it in the field.

3. Check rainwater run-off from buildings, ideally guttering and downpipes will direct rainwater into water butts. Make sure gutters son't become clogged with a build up of dirt and leaves.

4. Avoid over grazing. Bare patches should be re-seeded with horses being kept off the are to give the grass a chance to establish.

5. Whenever possible keep horses off sodden pasture.

6. Consider removing your horse's shoes during the winter months to reduce the impact hooves make on pasture.

7. Move watering and feeding areas around to reduce the horse traffic in one area or install firm footing.

8. Install firm footing in high traffic areas eg, gateways, it will need to be 3"-6" deep to be effective.

9. Create a "sacrifice" paddock for winter turnout.

10. Rotate pasture.