Why is Hi-Viz important for equestrians?

Ponyhour is pleased to welcome guest blogger Sarah Johnson of Glow Means Slow who is here to talk about the importance of Hi-Viz:

Why is Hi-Viz important?

Being a horse lover and a car driver my bug bear has always been Hi-Viz.  I drive around where I live and I loose count on how many riders, cyclists, walkers, ramblers, runners who use the roads and rural lanes and don't wear Hi-Viz!

Accidents have happened on the lanes where I live with riders wearing Hi-Viz and other road users still have the cheek to hurl abuse and say we shouldn't be on the roads.  What about the heart break they cause? The damage? The nightmares that occur later on? Drivers have no clue at all.  Take motorcyclists or cyclists, if you don't look over your shoulder or double check both ways at a junction you could kill someone.  Horse riders, they're both living beings and they're wearing Hi-Viz but speeding past causes the animal to spook and the rider to come off or you drive into them at speed? what happens then? And yet each person/equines/dog walkers in these examples are wearing Hi-Viz!

Rural lanes could be a single track or a 2way and without wearing Hi-Viz you blend into your surroundings.  How can road users see you if you don't stand out?

Hi-Viz can make you stand out 3secs before you are in any immediate danger and the vehicle can SLOW DOWN and PASS WIDE and SLOW.

Hi-Viz can be purchased in 4 main colours, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green.  Personally I feel that each colour can cater for all different weather types.

It is important to Be Seen when out using the roads and rural lanes, when using fields, woodland and vast countryside.  This is due to assisting the emergency services and helping them to find you.  If you end up in a situation where you need the emergency services and you are NOT wearing Hi-Viz how can you be seen??  

If you're out on the roads and NOT wearing Hi-Viz how can they see you?

Hi-Viz is mentioned in the Highway Code, it stipulates that other road users including riders should wear Hi-Viz.  So why do people still not wear it?

Glow Means Slow was born February 15th 2017, where I felt it was time to make a page on Hi-Viz awareness.  I conducted an experiment in November 2016 riding in Hi-Viz and riding without it and the results were incredible.  This along with a fab team, made me launch the page.  Within a month of launching, the amazing team and I work hard to raise awareness. 

Be Seen, Glow and let drivers see you on the road!  It'll make them Slow and because they can see you wearing the fluorescent wear makes it all worth while.  You will be seen by the emergency services and you stand a better chance of being found.

We are fortunate enough to be working alongside Harry Hall and their Serious About Safety Campaign.  We currently have sponsorship from Gee Gee Supplies for our clothing range, Advertising sponsorship from The Equine Pass team and 3 amazing photographers for hacks, promotional and personal work.

Glow Means Slow is so important and it highlights Hi-Viz and how it keeps you safe.  We're not here to change the world, we're here to save lives and raise awareness.

Tabards cost as little as £1, What would you rather have your life or your families receiving a visit from the police?

Be Serious About Safety when using the roads and rural lanes. Be Seen and wear Hi-Viz and finally Glowing Means Slow Down!

You can keep up to date with our awareness at:-

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Thank you and look forward to seeing your Hi-Viz photos!