Have a great weekend


What are you up to this weekend? We're horse sitting for friends who are on their hols, it's lovely to see and interact with our friend's 5 horses and ponies again, they're such characters. So we're in for a really busy weekend, whatever you're doing hope you have a good one. Here are a few fab links from around the web:

First up maybe not so fab, you've probably heard about the knife attack on a pony in Milton Keyenes well he has his own FB page so that everyone can keep up to date with his progress Domino's Diary.

Now for something much more cheerful, Shelley Oldfield founder of Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation ( the rescue that saved Panda our Rescue Pony of Week ) has been named Animal Welfare Champion 2017 at the Pirate FM Local Heroes Awards. Huge Ponyhour congratulations to Shelley. 

Did you have a hobby horse as a child well now there's competitive hobby horsing.

Photo of Domino taken before the knife /hammer attack is this weeks Ponyhour Pic of the Week.