Have a lovely long weekend

It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, an extra day off work for many. Whatever you get up to make it a good one. Here are a few links from around the web:

It's been 3 weeks since the horrific knife attack on Milton Keynes pony Domino, although police arrested a 20 year old man and a 16 year old boy on suspicion of criminal damage they were released pending further investigation. Quite simply put the police need evidence. There's a £2,500 reward up for information leading to a conviction so please it you know or suspect anything at all call 101. If you were in the area have you checked your dashcam? Milton Keynes police renew plea for witnesses in horse attack case

Witch Knots, Gypsy Knots, Elf Knots in horse's manes Urban Folklore of Otherworldly horse mane braiding even Shakespeare mentioned it!

What Foals Eat When: The first days, weeks, months

Talking about what foals eat have you read our Rescue Pony of The Week's story? Toffee is an orphan and had to be bottle fed. 

And if you're hoping to attract sponsorship you'll find some great advice from Shoestring Eventing Attracting Sponsors it's well worth a read.

Photo is this week's Ponyhour Pic of The Week #IrelandsonlyUnicorn turns Zebra from Rags to Riches Ponies