Rescue Pony of The Week Ferne Animal Sanctuary's Jack

This week's Ponyhour Rescue Pony of The Week is looking for a home, here Ferne Animal Sanctuary tells his story:

Jack started his life in immediate danger - rejected at birth by his mother and then attacked by her. His mother was herself a rescue horse, traumatized and in extremely poor condition when rescues, potbellied with worms and unbeknown at the time of rescue, also in foal with Jack.

The Mare's rescuer attempted to undertake the enormous task of hand rearing Jack, but after 8 weeks proved to be too big a job due to personal circumstances. At this emergency point Ferne Animal Sanctuary stepped in to help.

The best possible solution in these circumstances is to find a foster mare who can teach them, quite literally, how to be a horse. This was not possible as Jack had already imprinted on humans, so continued hand rearing was the only option. Not ideal, as it can come with its own problems of the animal developing unusual behaviours and also have problems in understanding boundaries.

This has been a heart wrenching job for our Equine Care Team as it's tough to refuse giving such a gorgeous fellow as Jack a cuddle or attention when he demands it. It goes against every instinct of our caring team. However their "tough love" paid off as after months and months of hard work Jack is now a year old, strong and healthy, good to handle and we feel ready for a Forever Home with an experienced owner who can give him the commitment he needs.   

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If any of you feel you could offer Jack a Forever Home please get in touch with Ferne Animal Scantuary.

"He’s a cracking little pony, a real personality, but because he was hand reared to begin with, he probably will be best with someone who knows what they are doing and happy to bring him on.  He learns quickly though, so would make a really good project pony."