10 Reasons why Equestrian Entrepreneurs should be blogging

1. Blogging improves  SEO  (search engine optimization) giving your website a better chance of being ranked higher in search results.

2. Blogging generates more visitors to your site which in turn will

3. Generate more leads which in turn will 

4. Give you more customers.

5. Blogging helps you establish yourself / your equestrian business as an expert in your field.

6. Blogging enables you to tell the story of your equestrian business, to tell potential customers what you're all about.

7. Blogs influence purchase decisions.

8. Blogging gives you the opportunity to gain trust and to build your own reputation.

9. Blogging can open up many PR opportunities eg. journalists and other bloggers may quote / interview you.

10. Blogs are cost effective marketing tools, you can blog for free and your post will remain on search engines for people to find.

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