Equine mane and tail reconstruction FAQ answered by a qualified technician

Has your horse's mane been damaged by it's rug? Chewed by a companion? Have you ever thought about having it "reconstructed" ?

Here qualified horse hairdresser technician Vanessa Pugh answer 8 of the questions she get's asked most frequently:

1. Can the mane be plaited after a reconstruction?

Ans: Yes, it can be plaited normally.

2. Is it the same as human hair extensions?

Ans: No, horse hair is completely different to human hair and grows in a completely different way.

3. Will it hurt my horse?

Ans: No, most horses relax and nod off when we are playing with their manes.

4. Are they permanent extensions?

Ans: No, semi permanent but can last several months with the correct care.

5. Is it safe for my horse?

Ans: Yes, totally safe.

6. What about tails?

Ans: Tails can be tricky but yes definitely.

7. Can anyone do it?

Ans: We recommend you use a qualified technician, all of ours are listed on our website www.horsehairdresser.co.uk 

8. What qualifications do I need to complete the training?

Ans: None, a good knowledge of horses and handling them is vital though.