Have a great weekend

So what are you up to this weekend? We know some of you are competing, Ponyhour wishes you the best of luck. Whatever the outcome, whether you win or lose, do have fun. 

Here's some fab links from around the web for when you get some downtime:

We love ex-racehorses and it's great to see them going on to different careers The versatility of the recycled racehorse

Something that we very much hope you'll all make A promise to my aging horse

and something that we hope you don't have to worry about Is your horse stressed?

Someone who, not surprisingly, has been exhibiting a few signs of stress as he recovers from his horrific injuries is Domino. 5 weeks now and still no sign of a conviction the appeal for witnesses to his attack in Milton Keynes continues. Read all about his road to recovery over at Domino's Diary.

Here's some Twitter fun from earlier this week with a Ponyhour #captioncontest

Triggers flatulence was more of a hindrance than a form of security during the 1928 Tour de France @CountessWEssex

Mr Cyclist I told you to say Hi before you tried to pass me! @glowmeansslow

What have you been told.. No smoking smoking while riding your bike!! Because the smoke will get in your eyes and it will all end in tears..... @Echohoof

Horse says,"Ditch the pipe buddy and save your energy for pedalling the hills @lancswitch3

Cyclist's problems with other road users well preceded the advent of automobiles... @ThePublicFox

Lycra at your age, please be serious @BronwynRugby

There's a time + a place to kick up your heels, mately @NorfolkBea

How I feel about back seat drivers @ruberarose

Check out my new mustang... sorry I haven't got a muffler on it yet @3rddayhay

When the postman is scared to deliver those final reminders @happyhooves83 

Photo of Midge is this week's Ponyhour Pic of The Week. Midge has his own blog How to Train Your Human  it's essential reading!