Have a lovely weekend

So what are you doing this weekend? Have to admit that after a week of temperatures in the 80s I'm enjoying the cooler weather!

Whatever you're doing make it a good one and here are a few links from around the web to peruse in your down time.

Buy the right horse for the job: Boyd Martin encourages top event riders to try OTTBs  

“In my opinion, the off-track Thoroughbred is the ultimate event horse,” said Martin. “Not every OTTB is the ultimate event horse, but I would take a nice-moving, quiet-thinking, bold, brave, good-jumping Thoroughbred over any other horse breed in the world. There's no better breed to be a four-star event horse.”

How one lucky pony dodged her death sentence: Slaughterhouse slums to polo fields ~ Stella's story 

The inspirational power of horse riding 

Over population on the range? That's fake news “It’s time for the truth to come out before America’s last herds of wild horses are managed to extinction through killing, sterilization, sales by the truckload or pesticides used for birth control,” 

Now for a little reminder that our Ponyhour "friends" photo competition closes on Tuesday 27th June so get snapping and enter your pics now Ponyhour Friends Photo Competition 

Photo is another one of Domino, it's the Ponyhour Pic of The Week and we think he looks beautiful despite everything that happened to him. Witnesses are still needed to obtain a conviction so if you know anything, and someone does, please call the police.

This weekend Hanrose is generously offering 50% DISCOUNT on 4 letter 'simply mounted' Photoart till Sunday quote #ponyhour at checkout  Hanrose.co.uk