Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Blue ~ from wild pony to driving pony

This week's Ponyhour Rescue Pony of Week is Blue, here her owner Rosemary Douglas tells Blue's story:

Blue's story starts in the Welsh hills, she was purchased along with several nice looking Welshy youngsters (suckers) by a Bodmin farmer in September 2000. He then turned them out on Bodmin Moor with a spotty colt.

Within the year health issues had forced the farmer to send his ponies to Hallworthy Stockyard which is where I purchased her. I was looking for a companion to my ridden horse and decided to save one of the ponies from the stockyard as I knew that many of them would go for meat.

Blue was completely feral when we got her in September of 2001, my husband had oodles of patience when it came to getting a headcollar on her. It has taken years to gain her trust and she still retains that WILD streak at what she sees as stressful times.

What we didn't know at the time of purchase was that Blue was in foal! I'd had my suspicions but only discovered she was in foal the following Spring. She gave birth to a lovely colt, Flash, who proved easy to handle. I was later able to sell him as a potential driving pony.

After Flash had gone to his new home I started to break Blue as a driving pony, she must have been about 3 by then. It's been a long journey with Blue and we've had our ups and downs, but last year we made it to the hallowed pages of the British Driving Society's magazine having been placed at the Cornwall area's summer show! Quite an achievement for such a sharp pony!

Blue LOVES the BDS drive outs where she enjoys keeping up with the big boys! (She can take quite a pull and I think fancies that she is racing with the herd once more!)

Another achievement was taking the "Leader" position in Tandem with my other, non-rescue, mare Suzy.

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