Have a lovely weekend

So what are you doing this weekend? We know lots of you are competing so good luck and have fun! Here are a few links from around the web to peruse in your down time.

Having been almost driven to extinction wild horses have now been returned to the Mongolian steppes  

Just as some are being re-released into the wild other wild horses face extermination Best idea for wild horses 

Until We Meet Again is a lovely tribute to old warrior, Better Talk,  who was euthanized earlier in the week following complications after intestinal surgery. Always sad to hear of their passing but lovely to see how well beloved they were ~ if only it was the same for all equines. 

How one riding instructor dealt with first-jump-itis https://therubbercurrycomb.wordpress.com/2017/06/24/singing-a-tune/ it's an interesting read. 

Photo is one from Lulu's birthday party by Helen@Hezzzza it's our Ponyhour Pic of The Week. Thank you so much Helen for allowing us to use it here on the blog.