Have a lovely weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We know some of you are competing, taking courses and going to camp. 

Us? Well we've had a somewhat eventful and stressful week, which you can read about here Eggsy's July so far , so we're rather hoping for a peaceful and relaxing weekend.

Here are some more links from around the web for you to enjoy during your down time:

One for our gentleman readers here! It's a Ball Game 

Actor Martin Clunes backs "Ugly" horse's new foal in charity project

Making your own saddle soap 

Social structures within herds ~ its probably not what you thought at all When the herd moves ~ Who leads? Who follows? 

Last but certainly not least an update on the safety of America's Mustangs America's horses are not yet safe from slaughter  and what residents of the USA can do to protect them Take action Following on from these articles we've chosen returntofreedom.org 's photograph as the Ponyhour Pic of The Week ~ America your national icon needs you to make those phone calls!