Have a lovely weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We've just organized a hay delivery for 7am Sunday morning, it's a new supplier to us so fingers crossed that the quality is as good as he's claiming! 

Weather is looking changeable so here are a few links from around the web for when you're forced inside by the rain: 

Dealing with Chronic Illness as an Equestrian  which leads us to

Horses as Therapy horses are very relaxing, very calming to be around.............

Lovely article about saving Thoroughbreds in the USA Lynn Sullivan: Her mission with Thoroughbred Athletes

and another from Australia Multi-million $ estate to house and retrain old geldings in their post-racing life

Have you seen the largest equine statue in history  

Photograph is of "Piccolo" a little rescue colt pulled from the Bastrop kill lot in the USA and now undergoing life changing surgery. it's the Ponyhour Pic of The Week,  we've been following his journey step by step on @EquineAltitude 's Twitter   you can find out more about his problems and how you could help here.