Have a lovely weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We know it's a busy one for many of you competing, heading off on holidays and for some even opening a shop:

That's right Hannah Russell Little Alf author has opened a shop in Leyburn   good luck Hannah and Mum Sharon with this exciting new venture.

Here are some more links from around the web:

Truly heartwarming story of  Little Barbara born with a wry nose, normally a death sentence but this little one's owners were determined she would have every chance of a normal life Little Barbara's deformed muzzle straightened in life saving surgery

Welcome Lilly Rose Suffolk Punch filly born at the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre Suffolk Punch horses are critically endangered making the birth of Lilly Rose even more special 

A little "equestrian wellbeing" here with a webinar for those suffering from seasonal allergies ~ homeopathy may be the way for you Homeopathy for Seasonal Allergies  

With horses seemingly living longer than ever here's an interesting article on How Old is Old for a Thoroughbred?

Photo of Garfield the cat and Ciarah the Connemara pony is by @shetlandbook it's our Ponyhour Pic of The Week and the winner of the Ponyhour Friends Photo Competition  We think they celebrated their win in suitable style