Save used postage stamps to help equine rescue Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary has an appeal out at the moment for you to send them your used postage stamps they can raise much needed funds from something that many of us just throw away without even thinking about it. 

So, get an envelope address it to:

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary
Little Farm
Near Ingatestone

and start saving those stamps & remember to post the envelope when it's full!

"Life here at the Sanctuary is hard. It is a constant fight to raise funds, to keep on top of the ever-mounting paperwork and legal requirements, and red tape, and to strive to keep on top of the ever-increasing workload.
Days here are often full of worry and concerns but to stand in the stable blocks at night and listen to them all contentedly munching their hay, knowing that they are all safe and warm in their stables makes the whole thing worthwhile. The population of animals here at the Sanctuary is very much an older population with two-thirds of the horses being over 25 and a third of them being over 35. So we tend to work very much along the lines of a hospice – giving the animals all the care that they need and keeping them free of pain so that they are able to enjoy their last years of life getting something back from the human race that was so happy to take so much for them in their earlier fit years." Sue Burton joint founder of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary