Caption Contest captions & winner

Whats in the hedge? CRISP PACKET!!!!!!!

“I know he was crossing, but I’m not a zebra!”

Old Monty was having a 'mare of a day...

He stepped into my path, I couldn't miss him officer.

“The Perfect Getaway” Equestrian uses horse and loyal dog to escape unwanted suitors. Circa 1890, London.

Rodeo Riding is not Permitted in the Park, Sir,! Your 8 second Ride is Over.

It's alright dad I know a short cut outta here!

Riding away from my responsibilities

Dashed boy racers!


‘Hang on there dad - it was that “monster” bird in the hedge that did it!’

You said the carousel would be safe!!

First past the post... Not sticking around for the awkward stumble down drag out picture op. Run like a winner or we both lose IT

And the winning caption chosen, the caption with the most likes:

“Daddy that dog is going to EAT ME!”

Congratulations to Bronwyn & thanks to all who entered.