Shires Holt Horse Sanctuary faces closure ~ how you can help

When an equine rescue has over 100 animals in their care loss of stable facilities and grazing is an absolutely devastating blow that can lead to closure, this is what Cornwalls's Shires Holt Horse Sanctuary is now having to deal with.

How we can help

Grazing required:

Shires Holt needs more grazing in the North Cornwall area, short or long term it doesn't really matter the situation is urgent and they would be grateful for any offers including rough grazing, moorland, woodland, smallholding, farm or equine facility to rent.

Help build a stable yard:

With the loss of stabling and storage Shire's Holt Horse Sanctuary no longer have anywhere to stable ponies in need of extra TLC, treat the sick or injured, store feed and other essential supplies such as medicines and equipment or even hard standing for farrier work. They do however have the chance to build a stable yard with storage facilities on one of their permanent North Cornwall locations. If they can raise the funds they'd like to build something like the yard pictured below with hard standing in place of the mud!

To this end they have set up a fundraiser here

Share their plight:

It's very easy to share Shires Holt's fundraiser on your own social media platforms go to GoFundMe and click on the share buttons in the top right hand corner.

You can find out more about the incredible work Shires Holt Horse Sanctuary do by visiting their website:

Keep in touch with them via Facebook

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