The Secret Horse by Emma Wigley Book 1 of Jessie's Pony Stories

The Secret Horse by Emma Wigley opens with a family holiday in Cornwall where Jessie first encounters the wild moorland ponies who, although not central to the plot, appear throughout the book. A year later Jessie returns  to Cornwall under different circumstances to start a new life with her Mother, brother and sister following the break up of her parent's marriage.

It's not long before Jessie discovers Luna, a deeply unhappy horse, locked in his stable and despite knowing little about horses she manages to persuade his elderly owners to let her help look after him. Fortunately for Jessie she also meets Lauren and Nathan who are instrumental in introducing Jessie to the local riding school where they keep their own ponies. Here Jessie begins to learn how to care for horses and even gets the opportunity to ride. And if you're pony mad you too can pick up loads of tips on horse care and riding which Emma Wigley has woven seamlessly into the story.

Emma Wigley is good on the troubled family dynamics, the ups and downs of 11 year old Jessie's life at her new school and has a wonderful sense of place with her descriptions of the Cornish countryside where Jessie's adventures take place. And there are adventures, who is the mysterious person camping out on the moor?

I'll not be telling you that, you'll have to read the book to find out and I heartily recommend that if you love pony stories you do read The Secret Horse by Emma Wigley. It's the first book in a series Emma has planned on Jessie's Pony Stories, I for one am looking forward to reading more.

The Secret Horse by Emma Wigley
Paperback £5.99 

A copy of  The Secret Horse was given to Ponyhour to read and review, opinions are our own.