Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Murphy

Some of you might recognize our rescue pony of the week, he's one of the faces of #ponyhour over on Twitter @aponyhour

Here Eggsy Pony is going to tell you a bit about him:

This is Murphy saying, "Hello" to me when I was a little-un, he's a special friend who has taught me lots of pony tricks.

Poor Murphy, like me he had a bad start to life. Do you see that ear notch? That's what some Welsh farmers used to do to ponies to denote ownership. That must have hurt a lot, it's supposed to be illegal now.

Murphy was born in Wales but somehow ended up at an auction in Leicestershire, he was lucky that a kind lady felt sorry for him. She outbid the meat man but couldn't keep him so my family took him in. Here are some of his baby pics:

From all accounts young Murphy was a bit of a wild child! But he's grown up into a lovely pony, it was his 9th birthday on 31st May.

Sadly Murphy now requires emergency treatment, at the veterinary surgery some 50 miles away, for a rectal prolapse and if he doesn't get treatment he will have to be euthanized. 

We all love him very much, we don't want him to die, but he can't live with his bottom popping out so he needs an op to make him better. 

Will you help him please?

There's a GoFundMe to raise funds towards the cost of treatment

or donations can be sent via paypal to

You can also help by sharing Murphy's story and fundraiser on FaceBook and your other social media.

Thank you.