Have a great weekend

What are you up to this weekend?  After weeks of drought we're hoping to be dodging showers of much needed rain!
If we do end up with a rainy weekend you might be in need of some weekend reading so here are a few links from around the web, you could almost call it a PonyHour Equine Blog Share :

Is it me or do the flies seem to have been worse than usual this year? Keeping the flies at bay with Galahad

When your horse is unwell do you ask advice on a forum or call your vet? Important article here from the American Association of Equine Practitioners When Should I Call the Vet? 

Looking for some stable inspiration check out these stables in Bavaria This picturesque stable in Bavaria will inspire you 

For anyone struggling with fitness issues you're not alone follow Ros as she gets back in the saddle after months off with a fractured hip Project Back in the Saddle 

At what age would you start breaking your youngster? Do we ask too much too soon? In many cases yes we do check out Animal Therapy Media's Skeletal Maturation in Horses 

A plea to all citizens of the USA Please if you do one thing today let it be this. It is time to come forward for the American Wild Mustang. Their extinction in the wild is very real. This is serious.

Image  "Jockeys in the rain" Edgar Degas (1834-1917)