How you can help Pony Power Trust offer free equine therapy to children this summer

When Carly of Cheshire's PonyPowerTrust offered free pony therapy sessions to 2 deserving people she found herself inundated with requests from people who are struggling everyday. Most of these people do not have the funds to pay for this type of therapy but rather than turn them away Carly has gathered together a group of experienced volunteers and is going to give as many people as possible the chance to sample equine therapy during the summer holidays. 

Obviously there are costs involved eg. feeding the ponies, but the people who would most benefit from the therapy are unable to pay so this is where you come in. You can contribute toward a child's hour of equine therapy by making a donation here Provide 1 hour of equine therapy 

To find out more please check out the GoFundMe page and the Pony Power Trust website.