Forelock & Fringe Equestrian Subscription Box ~ a Ponyhour review

Parcels arriving in the post are exciting aren't they? If you're anything like us you cannot wait to rip off the packaging and see what's inside and that's the joy of a subscription box, a parcel full of surprises that are targeted toward your likes.

Forelock & Fringe is an equestrian subscription box with a bit of a twist, you don't just receive items for your horse, this box contains treats for you as well. The Forelock & Fringe subscription box contains alcohol and skincare for the human and horsey stuff for the equines. 

(Of course there's a non-alcohol alternative available too).

Our box, which arrived as a result of  Eggsy Pony winning a collaborative giveaway from Forelock & Fringe and their brand ambassador  Kath Smart  , contained:

20cl bottle of Prosecco

5" Equi-Groomer (RRP£21.95)

400ml Silverfeet Hoof Balm Natural (RRP£10.50)

125ml Renapur Leather Balsam (RRP£10.00)

Nathalie Bond Extra Sensitive Skin Balm (RRP£14.50)

The Marshmallowist Raspberry & Champagne marshmallows (RRP£7.50)

Over £60 worth of quality products in a box that costs £40! 

Those that know us will be fully aware that the marshmallows were sampled first, they were scrumptious. But we have to say we were delighted with all the items. Obviously with a subscription box the contents will be different each month but from the look of previous boxes which can be seen on the Forelock & Fringe website we'd be pretty much over the moon with all of them. If you're interested in an equestrian subscription box we think you'd love Forelock & Fringe, we did.

Forelock & Fringe offer a number of membership packages including a gift option if you'd like to give a subscription as a special present to an equestrian. You can find full details on their website