An insight into Reiki... By Keeley Dixon, Keeley’s Pet Service

Everything we see that physically surrounds us was once a thought, an unseen manifestation. I always ask the question of what makes your heart beat? What is the force behind that? Energy. Just like electricity, you can’t see it until you plug in an appliance and it harnesses the power, which then enables you to be able to use it. We are energy, plugged into a human body. The body harnesses our energy to operate so that we can live in this physical reality.
Our energetic body has seven main energy centres, known as chakras. Each one representing a colour of the rainbow. There are many more chakras but in this article I will be focusing on the main ones. Although they are not physically visible, from personal experience they can be felt and seen on psychic levels, sometimes by vibration, the swirling of energy and through the radiation of heat/cold. I would describe them as a vortex.

Each chakra represents the area of the physical body that they reside. Any physical, emotional and mental ailments are linked back to these chakras and this is the same for horses and all other animals.

Human chakra system:

Number           Name Colour                  Position   Representation
     7                 Crown Violet                Top of head Connection to Divine/Source energy
     6               Third Eye    Indigo Brow/Forehead                    Awareness/Intuition/Focus
     5                 Throat   Blue      Throat   Communication/Self expression
     4                  Heart Green                       Chest Love/Self acceptance/Relationships
     3             Solar Plexus     Yellow   Above navel         Personal power/Sense of self
     2                  Sacral Orange                Below navel Sexuality/Emotions/Pleasure
     1              Root Red                   Base of spine Survival/Grounding/Sense of belonging

When chakras are blocked or out of balance, it manifests physically, emotionally or mentally as a sign of an energetic problem. For example lower back pain is linked to the Root chakra; Migraines are linked to the Third Eye chakra; Shyness is linked to the Throat chakra; Addiction is linked to the Sacral chakra.  Once imbalance occurs, the ailments that have manifested still need to be addressed, ideally as holistically as possible. Chakras spin constantly, taking both positive and negative energy in and out.

The act of Reiki as a healing technique and the use of Reiki are deemed energetic work. Reiki is a form of healing energy. It can be sent with intention to anyone anywhere, as energy knows no bounds. Reiki restores balance to the chakras and helps restore the energetic flow between them, like a circuit board, activating the body’s natural healing process.

Reiki is given through the palms of the practitioner’s hands, either by them placing their hands on the physical body where each chakra is situated or by hovering them above these areas, this is called the no touch technique, the preferred method I use. Distance Reiki is when the practitioner sends Reiki by intention to the recipient, sometimes a photo is used in these instances to connect to the recipient’s energy.

Reiki symbols can be used throughout a Reiki session; the practitioner should intuitively know which is best for the recipient during the session. Each symbol has a meaning and purpose. I intuitively scan the recipient first to ascertain what would be best before the session begins.

The Equine Chakra System is slightly different with regards to positioning. There is also an eighth main chakra, known as the Brachial chakra. It is only present in animals and known as their main energy centre, linking to all other chakras and it relates to human/animal interaction and bonding.

Equine chakra system:

Number        Name    Colour      Position                       Representation
     8              Brachial      Black Each side of shoulder       Human/Animal interaction & bonding
     7               Crown   Violet          Poll Connection to Divine/Source energy
     6             Third Eye      Indigo     Forehead        Awareness/Intuition/Focus
     5               Throat     Blue   Neck/Crest      Communication/Self expression
     4                Heart  Green  Chest/Withers     Love/Self acceptance/Relationships
     3           Solar Plexus       Yellow Middle back/Abdomen           Personal power/Sense of self
     2                Sacral Orange                    Croup Sexuality/Emotions/Pleasure
     1            Root  Red       Dock Survival/Grounding/Sense of belonging

Reiki may seem complex but it is simple and non-invasive. I hope this insight into Reiki helps you in the ways it needs to. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Disclaimer: Reiki is complementary and therefore works alongside conventional medicine. Reiki is not meant to replace treatment from a licensed medical or psychological health care provider.

About me...

From the age of three years old all I used to draw were horses and rainbows, I still have them. Little did I know that I was foreseeing over thirty years ahead, where I was attuned to Equine Reiki.

Keeley Dixon, Keeley’s Pet Service
Human Reiki Master / Equine Reiki Master / Equine Psychic Communicator
Vegan and lifelong voice for animals.