Domino the Milton Keynes Knife Attack Pony is due for surgery on 2nd November

We know you'll all join #ponyhour in sending best wishes for a successful outcome to Domino's next surgical procedure which is booked for 2nd November. Here's what his owner has to say:

"Fantastic news .. Domino’s next and hopefully final surgery is booked for the 2nd November !
Could this awful journey really be finally over 🤞
Against all odds Domino has survived a very long 18 months starting with a horrendous unprovoked attack , numerous surgeries , 4 months at the vets being apart from his herd , months of anti-biotics, pain killers , face plasters , continual wear of Lycra hoods and fly masks and daily cleaning of his hole (which to be honest is pretty horrid for both of us) he now has one last surgery to go which will be a lot more invasive and complex than all the other surgeries .
I have no hesitation in him having this surgery as unfortunately having a hole 2” big right on his sinus’ gives him no quality of life due to the intense cleaning and maintence and too many anti-biotics for his body to cope with long term .
I am confident he is strong enough to get through this with all our support 🐴❤️

A picture of Domino being told by his Nan how brave and strong he has to be" 

You can follow his journey over at  Domino's Diary