Twitter Hashtags like Chat Hours come and go

We've seen loads of changes on Twitter since starting the #Ponyhour weekly hashtag chat hour with the demise of some popular hours and their associated hashtags and the rise of new ones and we also see lots of Tweeters still using the outdated hashtags.

Let's have a look at some of the hours that are no longer active:

@dressagehour no longer exists but people still use the hashtag #dressagehour. There is an hour devoted to dressage @TheDressageHour #TheDressageHour and if you want to get your tweet seen by people who are interested in dressage that's the one you should be using.

@eventerhour #eventerhour has gone too the chat hour for those interested in eventing is now @eventinghour #EventingHour

@tacktalkTuesday #TackTalkTuesday hasn't had a tack talk hour for nearly a year now.

@equestrianhour #equestrianhour closed their chat hour and successfully rebranded as #247equestrian a hashtag that we see used frequently but there's no longer a @247equestrian Twitter account. #247Dressage no longer exists either. 

So the moral to this blog post is to check your hashtags ~ no point trying for a retweet from an account that's no longer active. 

Shameless plug: We're @aponyhour we are active on Twitter our hashtag is #ponyhour and we retweet every single day!