White Horse Hauntings ~ Ghost Horses

The Headless Horses of Burnham Green, Hertfordshire.

The White Horse pub situated on the village green is believed to have been named after the headless ghost horses that have been sighted on White Horse Lane. Legend tells that in the year 1002, during a battle between Danelaw and Saxons, a white horse was beheaded and that this is the horse that haunts the lane.

There's another story as to the origin of the white headless horse ghost. During the English Civil war Royalist Farmer Pennyfather was beheaded by Roundheads who then tried to take his horse. When the creature refused to move they beheaded that too.

White Horse Road, Edgehill, Warwickshire.

Another road said to be named after the ghost that appears on it. White Horse Road runs along the battlefield of the Battle of Edgehill and is haunted by a white horse. Some say the horse was the mount of Prince Rupert whilst others say it belonged to a Captain Kingsmill who was killed during the battle.

Bryn-y-maen, Colyne Bay, Wales.

A terrified driver reported a white horse coming at him from over a hedge, fearing a collision he braked sharply only for the horse to vanish, other drivers have had similar experiences on the same stretch of road. It's said that a large horse skull had previously been found on the site during road repairs. 

The White Horse of Windermere, Cumbria. 

It's said that the ghost of a white horse will walk across the water if Windermere is in danger.