California's Equines need your help NOW

You'll all  have heard about the deadly fires raging across California here's a message from Brooke USA telling how we can all help California equines who have lost their homes and suffered burns:

"Let's get a jump on helping the equine victims of the California Fires. Thanks to our incredible donors, in the past we have raised over $30,000 for disaster relief in the United States. We are asking for your support to help the tens of thousands of equines caught in the blazes of California's deadliest fires.

Please learn more about our campaign and

Your gifts are tax-deductible and 100% will go to non-profits handling the rescue in California."

Please help if you can and here's some links from around the web showing what's happening and why help is so badly needed:

Horse owners across the area were shocked at how quickly the fire moved: Stuntman helps save Malibu horses 

Photographs of the horses taken to Malibu Beach in hope of safety on Jason Ryan's Photography blog

This miniature horse has been admitted to UC Davis suffering from burns, Camp Fire Veterinary Response Continues

Horse found saved from Paradise swimming pool 

Meet the heroes who saved Malibu's horses from a fiery inferno

"It was like a bomb had just dropped. There was just so much smoke coming over the hill" Skydog Sanctuary owner Clare Staples tells her story 

Communities rally to save 500 + horses 

4 horses and 1 adorable donkey 

"To Hilary Johnson and Augie of Paradise, California I just want to let you know that the three Redding law enforcement officers and I kept out promise"  Peter DaSilva tells how he waited with a horse for help whilst law enforcement officers went insearch of transport 

Melody Gutierrez ( @MelodyGutierrez on Twitter) :  "There is a group of coboys rushing around Paradise saving animals. I watched as they went to a home leveled in #CampFire not knowing waht to expect. Huddles together were eight horses, two with burns. They loaded them, drove outside fire barricades to the grateful owner." 

"every time I have been around a fire in a horse area, it is amazing to me how the equestrian community rallies. It’s complicated, it is hard, but I am always impressed that the horse community will jump in. They will move heaven and earth to make sure these horses are taken care of.” How dozens of horses were rescued from California's devastating wildfires.

And of course it's not just horses Communities rally to save animals caught in wildfires 

Animals rescued from the flames of Camp Fire It's a Little Miracle

"At the end of the day a lot of us will actually break down, we have to tell the stories to each other of what we saw" Animal Rescuers work despite catastrophic losses