Domino's Surgery Worked Milton Keynes Knife Attack Pony on the Mend

The best possible news form Domino's owner, Domino is the Milton Keynes pony that was brutally attacked on 6th May 2017 in Woughton-on-the-Green:

Domino had a piece of dead skin removed today and no hole ! 
I have no words to describe how we are feeling but finally this long horrific journey is over .
Domino is the strongest most determined brave soul , I am lucky to have him in my life .
The determination of us all proves that even when you think there’s no hope never give up , never be afraid to ask for help - we would never of got here without the support from all of you ❤️ , Towcester vets , the amazing surgeon Dylan Gorvy , Georgie Hollis and the Hope fund ❤️
(pictures of Domino sleeping on owners leg waiting for the sedative to wear off )

Ponyhour has been following Domino's progress since he was first injured in a knife attack and we're absolutely thrilled for him and his dedicated owner who never gave up!