Have a Great Armistice Day Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? Anyone attending a Remembrance Sunday service? They always make me feel so sad, so many tributes on Twitter this week like these :

"My very own war horse that will stand proud tomorrow outside Church in honour to my grandfather who had a horse shot beneath him in WW1. We salute you George Heness 1898" NikkiStokes@yellowniki

"Dorset war horses. Horse muster, Broadwindsor, August 1914. 484,000 horses dead by November 1918, one for every two soldiers. Nothign else needs to be said. #lostdorset #Armistice100 #WarHorse #Dorset" LostDorset@LostDorset

"Lining the entrance of our Cheshire Champion Fundraising Team's #EveryHorseRemembered WW1 themed dinner and dance @Shrigley_Hall is horseshoes with the names of local horses who were sent to the front and never made it back home after the First World War." Brooke@TheBrooke

"discoverd the other day that along with horses and other animals on the Front there were donkeys.. useful, neat animals for the trenches but to stop them braying, as they do so loudly, and alerting the enemy they slit their vocal chords.... all part of horror of war." HelenMark@HelenMark01

"Our 8 horses will be wearing two poppies for the first time during this years Rememberance Day. The purple poppy is to remember the millions of animals that were injured or lost in service. #NicemodelWesses #Purplepoppy #Redpoppy" ASPoliceHorses@ASPoliceHorses

Anyway whatever you're doing this weekend we hope you have a good one and if you're in a blog reading mood here are a few great posts from around the web:

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Interesting blog post from Felicity George on Horses, Fireworks and Feeling Safe ~ "often if a horse senses danger a wide open space will feel much safer" 

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Things you'll remember if you were a pony mad child in the 60s & 70s 

"As we commemorate Armistice Day, it is a sad reality that the appalling suffering of animals in conflict zones is not a distant memory, consigned to history" ~ Horses still victims of war   

Somewhere in the region of 300,000 mules in total were used by the British Army in World War1 here's the story of The Black Mule of Aveluy.

Photograph of the Broadwindsor horse muster is the Ponyhour Pic of The Week.

Ponyhour Quote of the Week:
"At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
 We will remember them"
                                                                      Laurence Binyon

We'll have a Ponyhour Blog of The Week for you tomorrow so be sure to look out for that, you never know if you're an equine / equestrian blogger it could be you!