Poo Picking In The Dark ~ This week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week

This week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week is Poo Picking In The Dark ~ life with horses but no eyesight.

Nikki Watson writes about her life with horses, she owns Florence, pictured above, and her husband Hal owns Breeze. There have been many horses in Nikki's life, take a look though her blog archives and you'll meet her first pony Jigsaw, Oliver Twist, Surprise, Bella, Maisey, Sapphire, Magnum and Leonie. 

Nikki has been blogging at Poo Picking In The Dark since 2014 so there's lots to read, she openly admits to being horse obsessed, and describes her perfect day as one that:

"involves being outside for most of the day. It involves playing with my horses, going for a walk, going for a ride, going off on adventure. I don’t actually have to ride For time with the horses to be enjoyable and worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, I’d ride every day if I could, but I ride to be around horses, as opposed to being around horses in order to be able to ride. So I get just as much pleasure from handling them on the ground, or just being around them, as I do from riding; sometimes even more. I am actually one of those people who takes a perfectly rideable horse for a walk in hand from time to time"

Why's the blog called "Poo Picking In The Dark"? 

Because Nikki is blind, she has a Guide Dog and strives to make the equestrian world more accessible to visually impaired horse lovers via @BlindRidersUK

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