What Inspired Her? Mel Tomlinson of Neigh and Bark

Mel Tomlinson of Neigh and Bark makes bespoke bags incorporating your own horse's tack or dog's collar / lead. You choose the fabric, style of bag and provide the leather items, bits etc and Mel makes you a unique keepsake.

Here we ask Mel what inspired her to start making these bags:

I was inspired to start Neigh and Bark two years ago after losing Molly, my best mate of 25 years, and two of my beloved terriers, Poppy and Ella.

I wanted to find a way of using Molly's bridle and Poppy and Ella's collars and leads and this is what I came up with, a lovely and useful keepsake.

It was when people started asking about my own bags that I realized that others would like  to memorialize their companion animals or very special events in this unique way and Neigh and Bark was born.

If you would like to have a bag made please email Mel at Ettabear58@gmail.com or you can private message her through her FB page www.facebook.com/mel.tomlinson.33