Good news Domino the Milton Keynes Knife Attack Pony has FULLY RECOVERED

The best news from Domino's owner found via his FB page  DominosDiary 

"Domino has fully recovered from his surgery last month and we can finally put the horrendous ordeal behind us.

Finally after 18 long months he is bandage and mask free enjoying being a normal horse again.

In himself Domino is happy and kind to humans and his herd In a few months we will see if he can be ridden again as he loves being out and about.
 Without the help of The Hope Fund - Georgie Hollis Domino would not be with us now ! 

I was told after Dominos 4th surgery failed nothing more could be done . If Georgie hadn’t found Domino’s story he wouldn’t be with us now . 

We need all horsey people to know of The Hope Fund and support them so many more Horse lives can be saved and us owners don’t lose our soulmates .
They are worth fighting for :