Young Hip and Horsey ~ This week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week

This week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week is Young Hip and Horsey 

Poppy is writing about her adventures with Pea whilst recovering from a total hip replacement just a few months ago. She's an inspiration to all of us, especially when we're moaning a bit about our aches and pains, MirrorMe and Haynet certainly thought when they gave her a "Rising Star" award in this year's Equestrian Blogger of The Year competition.

Go check her out, you won't be disappointed Young Hip and Horsey is a great read.

You can also find Poppy and Pea on Twitter @younghiphorsey .   they're quite new to Twitter so please give them a follow and join in Poppy's photo chalenge #24horseydaysofChristmas 

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