Heels to Horses ~ This week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week

This week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week is The Lady Saddler's Heels to Horses

Clair writes about her journey to become a saddler, from starting on a Basic Leather Course, to being accepted on an adult training scheme with the Saddlery Training Centre to starting her own business The Lady Saddler.

She also writes about life as a busy Mum and equestrian and Olly, her horse of a lifetime, now that's a heart warming story but we'll leave you to find out about Clair and Olly for yourselves over on her blog Heels to Horses

Every week Ponyhour will be featuring a equine / equestrian blog here on our own blog and on our Twitter channel @aponyhour for a chance to be featured we need to see your blog posts so be sure to tag your Tweets with the hashtags #ponyhour and / or #equineblogshare.


  1. Oh wow. Thank you for featuring me. I'm honoured :-) x


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