Help Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming prevent ponies being killed on the roads

On January 5th 2019 this mare was killed in a road traffic accident on Gelligaer Common, Caerphilly, Wales. She'd wandered onto the road to lick the salt spread by gritters to, ironically, make driving safer in winter conditions.

Sadly she's not the first to die in this manner as drivers ignore warnings to watch their speed and both ponies and sheep are being attracted to the salt on the roads.

In an attempt to prevent further deaths charitable trust Welsh Pony Rescue & Rehoming  (Registered Charity No: 1171060) are going to place large mineral blocks, that are also safe for other livestock, on Gelligaer and Cefn Golau Commons the idea being that the ponies will seek these out rather than going on the road. Each block costs around £10, there's a fundraiser here if you'd like to help out, you don't have to donate enough to buy a whole block, every penny will help to save lives.

Please take a look and help if you can.