Have a relaxing weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We're going to be enjoying the sunshine, the mud is drying up now and everything seems so much easier after the long winter slog. The weather is bound to change so enjoy it while it lasts, that's what Ponyhour says! 

Here are some links from around the web for your weekend downtime reads:

"Zebra stripes disrupt the flight patterns of biting flies" it's been said before and now new research has proved it take a look here https://www.horsetalk.co.nz/2019/02/21/black-white-stripes-lousy-horseflies-study/

Do you do these things? 12 Good Habits that every Rider should develop

And another one from Eventing Connect that could save you some money Eight ways to cut costs at horse shows in 2019

Over at The Equestrian Stop dressage rider Aracelia tells us The 3 Questions that improved her riding

Pro Equine Grooms gives us some suggestions as to what to do if your horse likes to eat his own poop or his barn or other things that are not forage

Weight management for horses, well Spring is here, the grass will be growing..... My horse is too fat what should I do? 

"When we ride, we wear our helmets because of our experiences and the reminder of the large crack in my sister's old, retired helmet2 You do always where your riding helmet when riding don't you? American Acres Ranch is talking about this Wearing a helmet should you or shouldn't you? 

Happy reading!