Rescue Pony of the Week ~ Bobby from Whispering Willows Sanctuary

This is Bobby a severely emaciated pony found collapsed with shallow breathing and a weak pulse he has been rescued by Whispering Willows Sanctuary in Pontardawe, South Wales.

Bethany Rowe tells Bobby's story so far: 

Bobby was found by Whispering Willows Sanctuary lying motionless on the floor, his breathing shallow, his pulse weak and clearly emaciated. after spending time massaging him to get his circulation going and rubbing syrup into his gums he managed to roll onto his side allowing the team to get straps around him. With the big team of people Bobby was lifted to his feet and half carried onto the horse box and travelled home to Whispering Willows Sanctuary. 

Lisa from Dyffryn Tywi Equine Clinic was waiting for him and immediately set up a drip to begin to provide life saving treatment for Bobby. Blood and urine samples were rushed back to the clinic and within the hour the results came back clear. The bloods did however did show a high level of muscle enzymes which meant that Bobby had been down for some time. 

Bobby has severe dental issues causing swelling to his face and pouches where food builds up. He is struggling to eat solid food and is currently being fed on sloppy wet feeds.

Please consider donating any amount towards Bobby's treatment. 

and from Steph Morgan:

"He's being supervised 24/7 with a team on standby to get him back on his feet within several hours of him laying down for a rest. It's important that he has both time to work and time to rest his muscles and joints, so volunteers will remain on site until we see that he can reliably get himself up after rest. 

We were all shocked and distraught to see his condition on arrival but the truth is, his recovery will be painfully slow, and no doubt there will be some difficult times. But Bobby is not ready to give up and with the support of some amazing vets, dedicated volunteers and kind people, he has EVERY chance at a happy, healthy and secure future. That is why we haven't given up on him, and we hope you won't either xxx"

Bobby's progress can be followed via the Whispering Willows Sanctuary FB group here.

If you would like to help Bobby donations can be made via JustGiving by clicking here