Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Faith from Chance Equine Rescue & Rehab

This is Faith a severely emaciated 4-5 year old mare with a body score of 0, recently rescued by Chance Equine Rescue & Rehab.

Here's her story so far as told by Chance Equine Rescue & Rehab on their FB page: 

"I’m so so tired of this. Day in day out we take in some seriously neglected horses. The rescues that step in are the ones sat watching your horse slowly get weaker wondering if we can help them.. is it viable to carry on? The horse however just wants to eat & has no idea that feeding (it) could actually end their life we have to follow a strict feeding program.

She’s a young mare around 4/5 yrs old believed to be in foal.

She’s had the lovely Ellie out from the Equine Veterinary Centre this morning who is confident we can pull her round. She’s on plenty of drugs to kick start things followed by a strict feeding program.

Vets are back out on Wednesday to follow up, microchip & passport and scan to see if she is in foal. We will then start work on her feet as soon as she’s a bit stronger.

Once again BETTA Life & their amazing Pharmatrac Total Digestive Support will come into play and help her stomach heal.

I’m praying we can save this poor poor animal.
We do need your help and I am asking for donations.

I can’t remember how many sick ponies my orchard has fixed.
Faith enjoying a bit grass this morning x"

If you would like to help Faith donations can be made via GoFundMe by clicking here