Have a lovely weekend

What are you up to this weekend? Not sure what we're doing yet it will depend very much on the weather but as always it will involve a lot of feeding of horses! Whatever the weather have a lovely weekend.

Here are some links from around the web for your downtime reads:

"Twitter is not dead" turns out that some folk using other social media channels think it is! Team Tunnah Eventing put them right and offer 12 Top Tips for Twitter Success Good to see the Twitter horsey chat hours mentioned, thank you. 

Whilst on the subject of Twitter and chat hours Katie of Business wonderland tells us what it was like to run the phenomenally successful #woofwoofwednesday chat hour, and no it's not about just turning up fro an hour a week, take a look here Running a Twitter Chat Hour

The tethering of horses was debated in Parliament on the 20th February, the result being that Government is to address "best practice" Major milestone on tethering campaign  

There's no doubt about it a lot of us love feeding horses but are we killing with kindness? Obesity in horses causes so much suffering, sometimes even resulting in death Beva the British Equine Veterinary Association have a obesity guidance resource page with interesting articles on their website take a look Obesity in Horses Resources and Guidance in Tackling Obesity   

Worried about equine flu? Equine Flu What you Need To Know discusses vaccination, biosecurity, clinical signs and more. 

Police horses, we love them don't we? 

"Greater attention to police horse needs, as well as to the personalities best-suited for this kind of work, could lead to better police horse welfare across the globe" Personality Profiling Could Help Improve Police Horse Welfare


Central Park Detective Retires With The Horse He Rode On

Happy Reading!