Have a super weekend

What are you up to this weekend? So far we've been battling gale force winds, hoping the weather is being kinder to you!

Here are some links from around the web for your weekend reads: 

"Can you keep a single horse? It's legal. Solitary confinement doesn't kill them. Not all at once." Horses in Solitary by Anna Blake

"Do you struggle to straighten up after picking out hooves?" Why you feel 90 years old when you stand up from picking out your horse's hooves (and what to do about it) 

"Donkeys are not horses with long ears. Donkeys digest drugs differently to horses." 5 questions you MUST ask your vet before Sedation, Gelding or Teeth ~ Save a Donkey's Life

"The use of embryonic stem cells in treating horses with tendon injuries may increase their chances of a successful return to work" Tendon Injury Research: Findings in horses could be a game changer

What mistakes would you warn a new horse owner about? 7 Common Mistakes First Time Horse Owners Should Avoid

"Did you know? Equids, horses, asses and zebras, are the only animals that sleep standing up" Asleep On His Feet

Happy Reading!

Exmoor Ponies Photograph by Dawn Wescott  of Wild  Pony Whispering and Exmoor Pony Project it is our Ponyhour Pic of The Week 

Ponyhour Quote of The Week "We have a responsibility to look out for all the animals - wherever we are and whatever we do" Noel Fitzpatrick