Rare classic pony stories gallop into the modern day

Just as we make Jane Badger Books our Ponyhour Blog of The Week a press release drops into our in-box announcing the publication of Dream of Fair Horses as an ebook : 
Rare classic pony stories gallop into the modern day

Out of print pony books set to return as eBooks this spring

This spring, some of the best loved but out of print and rare pony books are galloping into the modern day for the very first time, when they are re-released as eBooks.

Publisher Jane Badger Books will breathe new life into classic tales for horse and pony lovers everywhere to enjoy.

Whether a nostalgic read for girls and boys who grew up devouring pony stories but have long since lost the hard copies of their childhood, or a first-time discovery for a new generation of pony lovers, the new eBooks will leave hoofprints on the hearts of all who download and read them.

The first release is revered pony-book author Patricia Leitch’s Dream of Fair Horses.
The fan favourite, originally published in 1975, begins as a conventional story of girl who longs for a pony and finds a pony, but goes far deeper, exploring universal themes of love, loss and letting go.

Pony book expert and publisher, Jane Badger explains: “I used to be a bookdealer and was always being asked for the classic, out of print and hard to find pony books like Dream of Fair Horses.

“You find there are not enough secondhand books to go around, particularly the much-loved and coveted classics; often they come at a price and it takes months to find one, if you can. And, if you’ve spent a lot on a treasured book, you’re not likely to want to carry it around with you to read on the go, or give to little sticky fingers, which can become restrictive.

“Relaunching these sought-after stories as eBooks makes so much sense; they will become widely available, affordable and easily transportable, perfect for a tea break on the yard, a holiday read, on a daily commute or to share with children and spark their love for reading and ponies. I’m thrilled to give these wonderful stories their chance in the spotlight again.”
Dream of Fair Horses is the first title to be released in eBook format for Kindle, priced at £3.49 and available to download from Amazon now

Upcoming titles include Patricia Leitch’s The Horse from Black Loch in April, Caroline Akrill’s showing series in May and a Diana Pullein-Thompson trilogy in June, all priced at £3.49 from Amazon.  

To find out more about Jane Badger Books visit the website Jane Badger Books