Rescue Ponies of The Week Luca and Seguro from SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines

This is Seguro the tiniest Shetland SAFE had seen 

this is his friend Luca a little 4-5 month old cob who was taken from his mother too soon both are being cared for by SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines. Here's their story so far as told by SAFE - Saving Abandoned Fly-Grazing Equines on their FB page   

"This is the worst time of year for abandoned horses as they start to drop weight and show outward signs of illness and people notice them.

Two out of the high amount of horses we have helped recently are Luca and Seguro. They were taken in by a family who soon realised they needed professional help, so they contacted us. Luca is a little cob aged around 4/5 months old, very emaciated and depressed, with stunted growth due to being taken away from his mum far too early and poor nutrition.
Seguro is the smallest Shetland we have seen. He is slightly older than his friend Luca but he has stretched tendons caused by very overgrown feet. He is emaciated but eating well. Both have lice.
Our vet Chris from Scott Dunn Equine, prioritised a visit the very next day. They have also seen the farrier but Seguro needs extensive remedial work on his feet to support his tendons.
Both needed rugs as they had been clipped because of their lice. It was difficult to find rugs to fit, especially Seguro. We bought two Horseware Amigo foal rugs which were just right.

February 17th 
Seguro and Luca are having so much attention from our volunteers and they all want to take them home! 💕
Seguro continues to struggle with walking and we are doing everything in our power to give him the best possible support. He has received vet, farrier and dental care in the week he has been with us. We have a physiotherapist visiting him on Monday morning and then further vet and farrier visits later in the week.
His front legs are splayed and his back legs are collapsed with his tendons so stretched. We are quite concerned about him. At least the ulcers in his mouth are healing now his teeth are no longer sharp and he is managing to eat more.

February 18th
Tonight Seguro and Luca are in the care of our vets, Scott Dunn.
Luca presented with colic this afternoon after starting his first dose of a 5 day Panacur Guard course for worm burden yesterday evening.
He had been quiet during the morning with cow pat poo. This afternoon he was rolling around and casting himself. A vet came out to check him within minutes of our call and suggested we admit him.
He is being monitored constantly and given bolus fluids every 2 hours. The vets believe his worm burden is the cause. We are all praying that he will get over it and we will be updated in the morning.
Please keep Luca in your thoughts.

February 19th
We rode a roller coaster at SAFE HQ last night!
Luca’s symptoms worsened through the evening at the vets. We were told that colic surgery was an option, but given his young age and emaciated condition, his chances would have been 1 in 3. Plus the surgery could cost up to £4,000 which we don’t have.
At just before 11pm, with heavy hearts we made the decision to have him put to sleep. Our vet Chris, stayed to care for him throughout the evening, providing us with constant updates. When it came to putting him to sleep, he decided to try one more attempt and dosed him with a concoction of medication and said to give him twenty minutes. A miracle happened! His colic symptoms eased off.
Luca was closely monitored by the wonderful nurses throughout the night and this morning he appeared quite bright.
He and Seguro are being given high dose steroids and they will be wormed again tomorrow in the care of the vets and nurses. We are praying that Luca doesn’t show signs for another impaction given his huge worm burden.

February 24th
Welcome home Luca and Seguro. We are so happy to have them back. Even Meghan gave them a warm welcome home with a kiss!
Luca our little miracle foal, is bright and seems well in himself after his life or death ordeal earlier this week.
He suffered with an acute onset of severe colic after administration of a wormer. Pain relief and sedation failed to alleviate the colic and surgery was not appropriate for such a young and fragile patient. Our wonderful vet Chris from Scott Dunn Equine, decided in a last attempt to give him a concoction of very strong pain relief, prokinetics, intravenous fluid and intermittent nasogastric incubation, alongside intensive care from the nursing staff. We are so thankful it worked!"

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