The Eggsy Pony Diaries


We were gifted some carrots, they had teeny, tiny roots growing out of them but still tasted good, the sun shone. A good start to the week if you ask me! 


Much consternation caused amongst the humans when they spotted a goose on the wrong side of the drain (dyke) everyone apart from Mum was insistent that it must be our goose, Hansel, The Horse's Boy even declared that he would fetch him home!

Needless to say Mum was right, Hansel was with us horses and the new goose ran away from The Horse's Boy.


Yet another strange avian visitor this time a silver pheasant! It ran away with the speed of  Road Runner when it noticed we'd spied it, much to the relief of Mr Hoppy. All the male pheasants here go by the nom de plume of Mr Hoppy, they rather feared that such a stunning male model looking pheasant might turn their ladies heads. 


Unbelievably yet another new comer here at Muddy Bottom, a black cat decided to take temporary residence in, yard cat, Gingee's abode. It scarpered pretty sharpish the moment our humans arrived.


No further sign of the silver pheasant, perhaps it was a ghost! No further sign of the black cat, the other goose is still on the other side of the drain parading up and down the grass track honking for all it's worth. Hansel is turning a deaf ear. 

The weekend is upon us ~ have a good one! 

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