Horse and Man ~ this week's Ponyhour Blog of The Week

The blog, Horse and Man ~ Exploring the bond between equines and their people, developed from a TV series, the TV series ended but the producer Dawn decided to continue to share equine stories with the world via her blog and that's exactly what she does.  

Visit the blog Horse and Man and you'll find lots of stories, usually American but not always, about well horses and people. You'll also get to know Dawn's own herd of horses and her dogs, in fact you'll get to know Dawn pretty well.

What Ponyhour likes best about this blog is that every month Dawn chooses a needy ( read desperate) equine to help via the Bucket Fund and her readers donate to help save that horse: 

"Each Month, HORSE AND MAN has a Drop in the Bucket Fund for a specific equine charity. My theory is that sometimes it is easier to give anonymously in a very small amount than not give at all because one feels embarrassed to give just a little.
Well, many of us feel that way. But, if we put all the drops in one bucket, it makes a difference in some horse’s life. So, that is what this page is about. If you feel moved by our monthly Bucket Fund story but only have a few dollars to spare, we are happy to help it grow bigger.
All donations are compiled into one larger donation to be gifted at the end of the month.
Horse & Man, Inc is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 corporation so all donations are tax-deductible.  Please save your Pay Pal receipt for your records" 

The above photograph is of Horse and Man's April 2019 Bucket Fund recipient a 35 year old pony rescued from a meat auction.

Dawn also sells handmade, often one of a kind, pieces of jewelley to benefit the Bucket Fund, jewellery like this: 

Anyway go take a look for yourself and happy reading!