Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Herbie saved by Horse Sense Wirral who are also the Ponyhour Blog of The Week

You may have already met Herbie, he was introduced to Ponyhour during the Twitter chat hour #Ponyhour last Tuesday.

Bless him 4 months old, taken from his mother too early, a tight rope around his neck from tethering this foal was facing live export to Italy, a journey of thousands of miles with a horrific end. Luckily for him Horse Sense Wirral stepped in and he is now safe with the charity. 

Named after the first pony Horse Sense Wirral's founder, Amy, rescued in 2007, a neglected elderly pony who was found totally emaciated, crawling with lice and maggots, 4 month old Herbie has a large gorilla teddy to cuddle up to and is being fed mare milk replacement. He is going to need a lot of care to raise him from foal to healthy adulthood.

If you can help click here for the  Just Giving fundraiser to help with Herbie's expenses

Of course Herbie has already made his debut on the News page of Horse Sense Wirral's website which we're making this week's Ponyhour Blog of the Week. Check it out for stories of other rescues like Carrock and Taffy.

30 year old Carrock and 16 year old Taffy were being offered as "Free to Good Home" and there was much concern about their well being especially as it turned out that they were in very poor condition. So Horse Sense Wirral stepped in and admitted the two old friends as Emergency Admissions. They've been treated for lice and are now receiving lots of TLC. Amazingly, Horse Sense Wirral now have a star in their midst, Carrock played Dobbs the pony in the 1998 TV production Goodnight Mister Tom, which just goes to show that even our famous ponies aren't necessarily safe in their old age. Fortunately for Carrock he is safe now.   

To help Horse Sense Wirral with a donation please click here