The Eggsy Pony Diaries 13th - 19th April


Rugs put away, at least for a few days, well not mine as I don't have a rug anymore, apparently my yak like coat is enough to protect me from the elements all year round come rain, snow and anything else the British weather can throw at me. 

I call it discrimination and will be talking to the Pony Union about this at our next Annual General Meeting, whenever that is. 


The new haylage bale was opened today, I was privileged to taste test it, it was delicious so I told everyone else it was quite yeuch and that they'd be happier sticking with the hay.

They didn't believe me.

Foiled again but one can but try.


Getting a bit of a headache now, darned woodpecker hasn't stopped hammering at the tree next to where I'm trying to snooze for hours now. Told it to pack it in and it behaved disgracefully threatening to do a fly by poop on me if I didn't shut up! 

Honestly this neighbourhood is going down hill.


Disgraced myself today, what more can I say? Well, quite a lot actually.

As requested I was exceedingly good for the farrier. Okay maybe not exceedingly but as good as I could be. 

 Now I'm sorry I reared up when the horse's boy was leading me and I'm sort of sorry I tried to pick a fight with Pip (but he deserved it, looking at me with that look) BUT to expect a young chap like me to stand still for that length of time is just asking too much. Really it is.............


Visitors hiding under the trees next to our paddock nibbling on the leaves and grass. Small brown visitors not much bigger than dogs, they have hooves but not quite the same as ours. I'm told they are Muntjacs I expect they're here for the Easter Egg hunt. Hope they don't find them all.............

Happy Easter - have a good one!

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