The Eggsy Pony Diaries April 1st - 5th April


Early breakfast two days running, my this is the life, apparently it's something to do with British Summer time.


British Summer time my hoof it doesn't feel very summery here!

I'm one confused pony I thought it was Spring time, but, we're in British Summer time and now the oldies reckon we're heading for a "Blackthorn Winter". So help a pony out will you, what is it? Spring, summer or winter? 

Oh I give up all I know is that it's wet!


Please someone tell me that it thundered on All Fools Day, I have no idea when that was, but, if it thundered it means we'll have a good hay crop this year. 

If it thunders on All Fools Day
It brings good crops of corn and hay

A good hay crop would stop the humans from moaning about the price of hay right? 


One of the apple tree branches may have succumbed to my scratching my butt! It's not really my fault, it's shedding season and I was just trying to speed things along...........


Further to yesterday's diary entry the crows Hugin and Mugin are very grateful for my speeding the shedding progress they've been gathering little clumps of my fur and flying off with them. I'm thinking of making a charge........

I'll think about it over the weekend.

The weekend is upon us ~ have a good one!

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