The Eggsy Pony Diaries April 8th - April 12th


Breakfast was late and there was no warning engine rumble when it did turn up, the feed wagon is broken! Human some what distressed at having been stuck in the middle of a junction with cars trying to get past her. From all accounts the drivers were not very courteous, now she knows what it's like to be a horse on the road! 


The feed wagon is back, fastest repair to that vehicle in my living memory! It was also National Unicorn Day, the other equines laughed when I said that we should all dress as unicorns and refused point blank to play with me.

I think I now understand why, firstly it's difficult getting a unicorn horn to fit comfortably and secondly it's even more difficult to release yourself from a tree when you get your unicorn horn stuck in it. I might have required some assistance.............


National Siblings Day and I made sure that my sibling, well half sibling, Bayfields Pippin Lord Derby, would play with me. I was not going to let him get away with a refusal to play so I crept up behind him and just as I was about to rear up onto his hind quarters he kicked me, not once but twice.

Duel I shouted and we faced each other, rearing up, waving our hooves in the air. Oh this was going to be fun. I went for the jugular, he bit my muzzle and pulled out hair. Not fair I screeched, foul play he shouted as I nipped him on the nose..........

Pack it up you two commanded a very grumpy Madeline mare.

And that was the end of that.


I've been thinking about my half brother's fancy pants name, doesn't seem fair to me that he should be called Bayfields Pippin Lord Derby instead of plain old Pip when I'm just Eggsy Pony. So from here on in I shall go by the name Bayfields Eggsy Pony Lord Derby I'm looking into getting it made official by deed poll.


Oh how clever am I? I finally figured out how to open the gate all by myself, well the top electric fence rope anyway. I grabbed it in my teeth and wiggled it until it was undone. This was going to make escaping sooo much easier.

Then the human saw me and refastened the gate.

Not to be outdone, I opened it again.

She took it away from me and fastened the gate.

I opened it again, with ease I might add, then just as I was proudly admiring my handy work the electric  went back on ZAPPPPPPPPPPP 

Not fair I screeched...............

Oh well the weekend is upon us again ~ have a good one!

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