Rescue Pony of The Week ~ Mika saved by Horse Sense Wirral

This is Mika one of 9 abandoned ponies, 6 mares, 3 of which are heavily pregnant, the other 3 suspected to be pregnant plus 3 foals, taken in by Horse Sense Wirral.

Mika is named after one of the police officers who seized the ponies and placed them under the care of Horse Sense Wirral. 

Sadly she is a very poorly pony with extensive sarcoids of varying types, there are only 2 options to undergo expensive veterinary treatment, and sarcoids are never easily treated, or to put her to sleep. She's only 6 years old so obviously everyone wants to give her a chance of life but this is going to take a lot of money.  So Horse Sense Wirral are asking for everyone to help with a donation, lots of small donations soon add up. 

Please help with whatever you can afford to give Mika a chance of life:

Just Giving Mika and friends